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Discussion: Reducing Countries

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    February 2014

    Reducing Countries

    as I cant write all this in french, im writing in english, i hope this is ok
    I guess most people are aware, that some of the countries on this server (and probably on others aswell) are almost deserted. Im playing in Poland and currently there are only 46 teams left which means the 2nd leagues are currently missing also 8 teams (and more to come as it seems).
    Im aware that in the past there have been discussions about merging countries together, which usually ended quickly because some people said that it couldnt be done or due to some other reasons. But i think we are getting to that point, where its getting bored to play with only 1 full league and steadily declining user numbers, that something has to happen.

    I have thought about merging some countries together a lot lately, allthough I know some people might not be happy about it. But in the end it might bring back more fun for everyone and avoid even more players quitting the game.
    Currently there are 16 Countries which I would cut down to half:
    One scenario could be
    - France stays alone, as it should, since this is the french server and there are enough teams playing there.
    - Germany stays alone aswell, since it has enough player too.
    - Argentina, Brazil and USA I would merge to North/South-America
    - Cameroon and Ivory Coast I would merge to Africa
    - Japan and Turkey would become Asia
    - Italy, Portugal and Spain would become Southern-Europe
    - Great Britain and Netherlands would become Western-Europe
    - Poland and Suisse I would merge to Central-Europe
    Its not totaly balanced if you look at the amount of teams in those countries, but this would region-wise fit good together as I think.

    The other option would be to cut the countries down to 4 which might be too drastic but a number of countries which isnt 4 or 8 would cause problems in the Coupe du monde for example.
    But just to put it in here, 4 countries/regions might look like this:
    - France Still on its own
    - USA, Brazil, Argentina, Cameroon, Ivory Coast get together
    - Japan, Turkey, Italy, Portugal, Spain (maybe Suisse) get together
    - Germany, Netherlands, Great Britain and Poland (maybe Suisse) get together
    I would put Suisse in the first group because Germany has way more teams than the other countries.

    Positive aspects:
    - More competition throughout the leagues
    - Less people Leaving due to less "empty leagues"
    - More competition in the Cup (more rounds)
    - Potential of Home- and Away-Games in the CDM groupstage OR the 1/8- and Quarterfinals because it would drop from 64 to 32 (16) participants.
    - Better starting chances for new teams because they dont start in strong or empty leagues which both result in frustration.

    Negative aspects: which I heard/read before
    - People who identify themselves with their countries -> well, i dont think they wanna play alone someday. My team represents poland aswell, but i dont mind if i would play somewhere else, if it brings more fun.
    - People who spend Kixx to switch inbetween countries which would be merged -> a)give them back the kixx or b) tough luck. Shouldnt be too many teams aswell. c) let them choose another country/region of their choise.
    - Cant be done -> Shouldnt be impossible, teams can switch countries aswell, so it should work.
    - Half of the teams of each country would drop down one league -> Even most of the first league teams arent really that strong anymore, so basicly it would get back in to order by getting a higher strength standard inside each league
    For example 107-197 in Poland at this moment, if the lower half would drop down to league 2 the strength would start at 130~. Same goes for the 2nd league where currently are teams with a strength of 60 or so.

    Maybe it is possible to get a question by logging to your team to get a community-wide opinion about this matter (if we reach a point where it might be considered an option)
    For Example:
    If OFM would merge your country with another one in order to keep the server running would you
    - Quit playing
    - Continue playing

    So much for now, maybe some other people have some ideas aswell that the servers can stay attractive for a longer time

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    For the english spoken, it's not a problem for me.

    I have read your post and think you agree about the number of team in "low level league" (sometimes it is the second one which should not be "low level"...).
    Merging countries might be one solution.
    Reducing the number of groups would be another one.

    I will try to have some discussion with the staff in the future days.
    I will try to build a proper suggestion about that, submitting it for voting, and if it is passed, to share it with the staff for a possible implementation.


    Pour l'anglais, c'est ok pour moi.
    Je vais résumer en deux lignes ton propos pour les non-anglophones.

    En gros, tu propose de fusionner les championnats ne comportant pas beaucoup d'équipes. Ainsi les équipes ne se retrouvent pas dans des ligues désertes, jouent plus de matches et ont ainsi une motivation pour rester sur OFM.

    Je dis que la description du problème est juste, et que deux solutions sont possibles face à un tel problème.
    D'une part, fusionner des pays de façon à remplir les ligues (utilisez google translation pour avoir le détail des pays impactés dans son post), d'autre part, réduire le groupe par division dans certaines ligues.

    J'essaierai de formaliser cette proposition que je soumettrai en sondage et si ça passe, j'en discuterai avec le staff

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    February 2013

    Je soutiens l'idée. Un advancement?


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    October 2012
    Oui c'est une bonne idée. Dommage que les idées ne soit jamais réellement pris en compte par le staff.

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    Oui bonne idée mais sera t elle concrétisée ? J'avais partagé l'idée de créer une autre compétition pour seconder la coupe du monde et permette à d'autres clubs de rester motivé et jouer des tournois international. Mais sans suite. Sinon j'espère que cette idée aboutira "un jour"

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    October 2015
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    Oui bonne idée mais sera t elle concrétisée ? J'avais partagé l'idée de créer une autre compétition pour seconder la coupe du monde et permette à d'autres clubs de rester motivé et jouer des tournois international. Mais sans suite. Sinon j'espère que cette idée aboutira "un jour"
    Oui ton idée peut être pas mal, mais faudrait proposer ça sur le forum du serveur allemand je pense

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